What’s the full potential of devil fruit awakenings in One Piece?

We know Zoan’s awakening gave them enhanced strength and durability, maybe increased in size too.

Logia’s awakening probably make them able to control and turn the environment into their DF’s element.

And Paramecia, we have seen Doflamingo and Katakuri, maybe similar to Logia, it could change the environment of the user, but I think Paramecia’s awakening is actually random, just like their basic power.

If we’re talking about strong DF’s awakening, here’s some that I think will be very powerful:

  • Ope-Ope

We actually already know about the full potential of Ope-Ope. It’s to do/grant immortality operation on someone in exchange for the user’s life, we don’t know if the immortality means just not dying of old age, or they could survive any kind of dying, but it’s still powerful.

  • Gura-Gura

Obviously it’s going to destroy the world.

  • Doku-Doku

I actually think the last form he used is actually an awakening technique, it fits the criteria of overpowered power that can changes the environment.

  • Soru-Soru

They are not going to give Big Mom an awakening, because the base DF is already too powerful, but if they did, she will he able to extract soul without requiring the opponent to be flinched/scared.

  • Magnetic Power DF

Kid will have molecular level magnet control, like Magneto.

  • Hobi-Hobi

Aside from transforming everyone she touched into toys, makes everyone forgot the touched people, makes them obedient, and preventing the user from aging, there will be 4 additional powers, makes everyone she gazed into toys, makes everyone forgot the touched people permanently, makes her power effect permanent, and gives her the ability to become adult.