What power will Zoro increase in the Wano ARC?

1 . A new sword:

Basically, the one Zoro already has his eye on.

It’s a 21 great grade cursed sword- Nidai kitestsu.

It is going to be a disaster for everyone when Zoro gets his hands on it as he is not getting it easily.

2. Demon Ashura form.

Ever since the time skip, we haven’t this form. Perhaps Oda has forgotten about it or during his training it became so overpowered that Zoro/ Mihawk had sealed it in his left eye or both.

Anyway in Wano with all these overpowered creatures lurking around it’s the best chance for Zoro to show this form again.

Wano themed Zoro with Ashura form and with cursed swords to bootthat’s the ultimate power-up.

3 . Conquerers haki

Zoro’s power-ups cannot end here, in such a large scale battle no one has time to deal with small fries especially someone as badass as Zoro.

Zoro has it, there is no doubt about it. He just never got a chance to show it. Now’s his chance.

From Kaido’s aversion to this haki, it seems people with conquerers haki would be on the front lines with Kaido. Just because it ticks him off.

4. New swords techniques.

Zoro is a swordsman by profession. That’s also his role on Luffy’ ship. No matter what kind of power up he shows, ultimately the swords attacks what fans are expecting from him.

In Wano where there are many high level swordsman, swordswoman and samurais, we can expect something better. I am really hoping to see one-sword style with Nidai kitetsu.

Presently, Zoro have two cursed swords: Sandai kitetsu and Shusui. With Nidai kitetsu, he would have three. Three sword style with these three cursed swordswould definitely be much more epic than cutting Pica.