What is the power level of Sanji in his raid suit?

Sanji’s Raid suit: Stealth black

Sanji has finally used his suit and turned into an unexpected and stunning thing.

While all his siblings retain their original appearance, for Sanji to look different is not the only thing that is amazing but also the fact that this form- stealth black comes with an unexpected power of invisibility.

The rest of the germa siblings have some physical power boasts like electricity, poison etc so a power boast of invisibility is quite unique for a raid suit.

The rest of characteristics are same as other raid suits which include.

  • Ability to fly:

He can fly, more like he can float mid-air. It is different and less stamina consuming than his moonwalk where he has to continue kicking to stay airborne.

  • Speed

Like the rest of Germa siblings who have raid suits, acceleration device on the soles increases speed without wasting any stamina. He is much faster now.

  • Shield.

The majestic cape on his back is not just for appearances and to add cool looks. It also protects him from heavy damage. Not only the cape, the whole raid suit is shock resistant, it does not get damaged from heavy attacks.

Power level of Sanji right now.

Sanji is on the stealth mode ( literally) so he is not using his basic powers. So all we are seeing is the power of his raid suit and it is pretty royal.

‘I felt a little pain but this suit is durable. At this rate the capital won’t hold out much longer.’

This describes way too much.

A kick from an ancient zoan user does not cause recipient to feel just little pain. It can kill.

After send flying through the town and through the buildings, sanji thinks it’s the ‘capital’ that won’t hold out much longer.

What we know is that Sanji can easily deal with the overpowered ancient zoan user roaming in Wano, who posses brute strength and stamina. They cannot hurt him and he can mess with them by going invisible.

One can assume he is at middle tier supernova level like X Drake and Hawkins.

Does he become faster like kizaru:

No, he is not as fast as Kizaru right now.

Raid suit users are fast. As we have seen before they can move here and there in the blink of an eye. And it is definitely faster than most things but it is not as fast as the speed of light.

Perhaps in the future, this suit can use speed of light or something close to it as Sanji is planning to get Ussop and Franky to modify it.

Traveling with the speed of light can disorient a person but with good observation haki a person can manage that. So there are chances the Sanji can move with speed of light in the future since observation haki is his major haki.