What is the Hawkins ability (One Piece)?

It seemingly reffers to the scarecrow made out of straw to scare the annoying crows in corn farms, pretty much like some Devil Fruits reffers to others deities such as Enel’s Hinduh God form or the Horse that ate the Bird Type Devil Fruit turning it into the Pegasus for example..

The tricky point about this particular Devil Fruit is how it’s seemingly linked to the user’s ability with tarot cards, from what i could see all of what the fruit can do is to create straw and shape it in whatever you want, but added with the fact that Basil wields Voodo skills it turned out to be way more usefull and powerfull than just bend straws to make braided hats, so:

  • Basil can create an embodiment of what seems to be a deity that inspired the scarecrows, that form wields a sword that from its blade edge sprouts several pointed-nails, this embodiment can either appear above him and act as a puppet or can envelop him turning him into a living scarecrow
  • Somehow he can create pointed-nails out of his straw and/or spit them out too like bullets
  • Together with his Voodo skills and straw powers Basil increased his life-span that so far amounts up to 10 others lifes which then keeps him from impending deaths instantly by changing any damage to his main body with the body of whom he had previously made a voodo doll of
  • Also together with his voodo/tarot skills Basil can improve his overall skills by drawing the right card from his tarot deck, at the cost of drawing something really bad that might even force his own crew to fight between themselves yet as he says, with greater risks comes greater benefits being these an increase in the strenght and size of his scarecrow to the point of being able to push back Zoro while wielding two swords
  • This straw can also create or rather envelop a sort of sword that is quite sharp and durable even able to compete with Zoro’s swords without much of a single chip in it even after clashing with them, whether it is an effect of being imbued with Haki or not is still unclear