What if Luffy ate the Magu Magu fruit instead of the Gomu Gomu?

Luffy would have gotten attention from Garp far sooner and he’d employ means to keep him in the Marines as a very powerful and dangerous asset. Not only would luffy leave his homeland sooner, but he would steamroll every early enemy in an instant.

Because he left sooner, and probabyl heads to new world to locate his brother, he has an entirely alternate crew and set of enemies, having not gone along that exact path.

Plus the marines would place a waaay higher bounty and send way tougher marines after him. perhaps an admiral himself.

And what happens to Sakazuki? Did he become like Zephyr and Garp and not eat anything? or would he just wait for another logia? i enjoy the thought of Sakazuki becoming a Mihawk style swordsman without a fruit, to offset the other two admirals.

Had sakazuki become like mihawk he would have done far better vs Whitebeard.

Skypiea as an arc doesn’t exist so it doesnt really matter if enel can find a way to put him down.

Usopp is dead. kuro would kill him if he got in his way/heard about his plan.

Nami is probably in arlong’s thrall for the rest of her life until dragon comes rampaging through that particular area to free them from the corrupt marines. they did mention that in terms of marines strong enough to help beat arlong, they did exist but the marines never had a good reason to send one to a remote island in the middle of east blue. so no help would ever come.

Buggy still would have been fucking around, maybe he would end up murdering nami after nami proves she isnt as evil as they are, and that would be that.

Zoro would be executed by morgan. Coby would be absolutely nothing and morgan’s rule wouldn’t be overthrown until Dragon get there.

Chopper would be still under the bootheel of wapole. wapole never would be overthrown. Teach would have also still attacked and destroyed it.

Vivi would be dead at the hands of crocodile, who’s plan would have been fulfilled, and if smoker interefered he might have ended up captured and killed. of course eventually theyd send an actual vice admiral to deal with Croc. tashigi never would have gained relevance as she too would be dead at the hands of baroque works. alabasta would be turned into a hellhole.

Moria just chills on that island until he is called up to fight as a warlord again. he had a goal i suppose to one day fight kaido again but that wont end well so moria probably ends up dead.

With robin, she would have still been looking around for poneglyphs and would stay with crocodile as long as it was useful.

Franky gets thrown into impel down. CP9 would get called back and put on some other mission.

Doflamingo would keep dressrosa under his iron boot and if a rebellion did happen, probably by law, itd be slaughtered and law would be dead.

Hody jones would have continued to try and take over fishman island and kill the royal family.

Sanji would have stayed some irrelevant cook until mihawk vs krieg, and since he never gained relevance, he wouldnt have been chosen to marry pudding.

Brook would do absolutely nothing for the rest of eternity.

Mihawk will stay as the strongest sword user.

And thats about it up to the current point in the timeline. cant speculate on future arcs and events because nothing else big happened yet.