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What power will Zoro increase in the Wano ARC?

1 . A new sword:

Basically, the one Zoro already has his eye on.

It’s a 21 great grade cursed sword- Nidai kitestsu.

It is going to be a disaster for everyone when Zoro gets his hands on it as he is not getting it easily.

One Piece Philippines – Why do people always compare Zoro to Fujitora?

Well,firstly and most obviously is because they are both swordsmans.

Very skilled ones at that.

One Piece : How will Zoro react when he finds out Luffy can see seconds into the future?

If there is anyone who is more concerned about crew’s safety then it’s Zoro.

Zoro adds the maturity to the young crew and care for their well being.

What happened to Roronoa Zoro’s left eye?

Mihawk’s freaky eyes are part of the key to why he is such a great swordsman. As Shanks has given his arm to Luffy for the new generation, Mihawk has given his eye to Zoro.

One Piece : What is the curse of the sword that Luffy picked up in Wano?

The sword that Luffy grabbed was actually Nidai Kitetsu, an O Wazamono grade sword (the second best grade of sword) and the second of the Kitetsu blades.

One Piece: How powerful is Zoro?

Kinda hard to determin considering his performance in the New world,but as always,I’m going to try and find his power level.

One Piece Philippines: Straw Hat Pirates can beat a Yonko?

All the Straw Hats combined have a chance to defeat a Yonko. Proof of this is shown Punk Hazard.

One Piece Philippines: Why does Zoro have a demon inside him?

We are not even sure if he has real demon inside of him or just his fragment or essence in him,nor is it a mode or a move,in fact.

One Piece Philippines: Synthesis sentence will change your thinking !

No coincidence that the One Piece manga have become the largest fanbase now. Because One Piece is always convey messages about meaning of life, the most difficult moments …. Then pass. The concept of friendship, love, Willpower. Here are the words that you have to think !

One Piece – Information about Roronoa Zoro

There are many interesting things about Roronoa Zoro