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What is the Hawkins ability (One Piece)?

It seemingly reffers to the scarecrow made out of straw to scare the annoying crows in corn farms, pretty much like some Devil Fruits reffers to others deities such as Enel’s Hinduh God form or the Horse that ate the Bird Type Devil Fruit turning it into the Pegasus for example..

One Piece that deserves the time you waited for?

It starts with good and it get better over the years.

The longer the story goes, the more we realized that everything turn out to be related

Remember laboon? we thought the pirates he’s waiting for already dead or forget about him, especially considering how scary Grand Line’s depiction during early season.

5 reasons One Piece popular around the world !

There are so many reasons why One Piece has become as popular as it is and maintained that popularity for over 20 years.

Why are most of the “strong” people in ‘One Piece’ so large?

For the real reason: You see many strong people being giants because One Piece is drawn in unique comic style, and giant size gives off the intimidation feeling.

One Piece Philippines – What do you badly want to see happen in One Piece?

Things I want to see happen badly.