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What if Luffy ate the Magu Magu fruit instead of the Gomu Gomu?

Luffy would have gotten attention from Garp far sooner and he’d employ means to keep him in the Marines as a very powerful and dangerous asset. Not only would luffy leave his homeland sooner, but he would steamroll every early enemy in an instant.

One Piece: Is Luffy strong enough to beat an Emperor?

That depends on the situation. We have seen Luffy losing at first and winning right after due to certain circumstances, either by power ups or by pure luck and experience.

One Piece Philippines – When does Luffy master his devil fruit power?

You can never master a devil fruit till you die, those who say so are probably

  1. Arrogant and most likely to lose like Crocodile
  2. Referring to awakening
  3. Trained extremely hard to the point where they feel like they mastered their fruit

One Piece Philippines – Did Monkey D. Luffy deserve to be called an emperor?

It’s too soon for him.

It’s not about territories and Grand pirate fleet.

It’s about Luffy as an individual. He is not near an emperor level.

One Piece Philippines – Luffy can wake the Devil Fruits?

I actually have my own theory . If we look at it luffy is one of the paramecia who has their body chemistry changed due to their DF.Luffy is rubber but cant create rubber ,while Doflamingo can create and manipulate strings but isn’t made of strings (although we have never seen Luffy trying to manipulate rubber) .

One Piece Philippines : What has ruined the power scaling in One Piece?

Can i ask of you why would you think that One Piece’s power scaling is ruined at all?

Either way..

  • One Piece already starts bizarre with Luffy being able to knock out a gigantic sea monster.

One Piece Philippines : What would happen if Navy captured Luffy?

Oh lord. It would be a giant mess. And more than likely a giant bloodbath. Especially if he is captured and sentenced to execution like Ace.

What if Luffy never ate the Gum-Gum Fruit?

This is Garp…

He is Luffy’s gramps.

Incredibly strong and considered able to go toe to toe with the Pirate King in his prime.

Wielder of all three forms of haki.

One Piece: When does the world government consider Luffy a true threat to the world government?

I would say that they considered him a true threat after Enies Lobby, when Luffy quite literally broke into the strongest Marine HQ, defeated Lucci, CP9s strongest and survived and escaped from a buster call… which is basically when 50 or so ships all go to the same place and blow it to smithereens…

How would you rank the worst generation by power in One Piece?