Strength statistics Straw Hat Pirates !

Its fair to say all of them have become tremendous fighters.. Even Zoro had said prior to timeskip that there is not any member who will be easily defeated. Not only that, they are the only crew to openly challenge the world government not to mention even attack a tenyrobito.. On basis of fighting strength, my list will be as follows.

  1. Luffy – No questions here.. Luffy will always remain the strongest fighter in the Straw Hat Pirates. 3 forms of Haki and ability to hear sea kings and now Zou really makes him quite unique here..just like Roger. He has handy devil fruit and has effectively used in all his battles.. Not to forget, after awakening of devil fruit.. he will be class apart.
  2. Zoro – Zoro too has tremendous potential.. he is almost as strong as Luffy in terms of raw strength. During his brief fight with Luffy, it was observed they were on par with each other. Besides he has 2 forms of Haki.
  3. Sanji – Sanji and Zoro are almost equal in terms of raw strength. During their recurring clashes, they were almost Zoro’s three swords fighting style gives an edge over Sanji. Overall I would say, Zoro had tougher opponents than Sanji. The coming year is said to be Sanji’s . So we can expect a flip here.

Ranking the remaining members becomes quite tricky. All of them have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses and hence can occupy any of the ranks. My rankings are as follows.

4. Franky – Franky is very tough. Has lot of weapons embedded in his new BF37. Also has a Laser installed. These arsenal makes him quite effective even against a bunch of enemies.

5. Brook – This selection was extremely tricky. Many may choose Robin as the number five. However I believe Brook having his full extent of devil fruit learnt is tougher than Robin. He can put a bunch of enemies to sleep instantly. He is super quick and is also believed to able to cut steel. So quite a package actually.

6. Robin – Robin has an awesome devil fruit ability. She can easily face an army of enemies and defeat them as well. Besides she is quite clever too.

7. Nami – Nami with her sorcery clima tact is a power to reckon. She can instantly use mirage tempo and absolutely surprise any opponent. Besides she can produce thunder shocks to defeat a bunch of enemies together.

8. Chopper – Chopper has improved all his transformations. He claims to be wanting to become a monster who can help luffy and he has already become one.

9. Usopp – Usopp will be last in my list. Agreed he has awakened Observation haki.. But he still has a long way to go. However he has tremendous sniping ability. With his haki improving with every adventure, wont be surprised to see him outranking some of his mates.