One Piece Philippines: “Phoenix” Marco will be back with Luffy!

One Piece Philippines: “Phoenix” Marco will be back with Luffy!

Arc Wano is happening very interesting. The next two weeks is the fight with Kaido. However, Luffy’s forces have enough strength to fight a Yonko? The details of the One Piece Chapter 921 as if to say: ” Phoenix ” Marco will reappear! More »

One Piece Philippines – Hypothesis Marshall D. Teach and 3 Devil Fruits

One Piece Philippines – Hypothesis Marshall D. Teach and 3 Devil Fruits

Teach can use two Devil Fruits. But what if Teach could take 3 Devil Fruits? More »


Which character from One Piece do you think has the saddest backstory?

I think the saddest backstory is of Chopper. He ate the Hito Hito no Mi which is a zoan type devil fruit which gives him the traits of human. He accidentally ate the Devil fruit. Chopper originally had a blue nose, which caused all the other reindeers to treat him as an outcast.

One Piece: Who’s the most badass character in One Piece?

Maybe you already guess it. That is right, and it is this guy.

One Piece: What’s your opinion on Charlotte Katakuri’s Mochi-Mochi Fruit ?

My first impression was like “What? A mochi? And it’s a Logia?”

In One Piece, who’s the strongest and the weakest Shichibukai currently?

One Piece: Is Luffy strong enough to beat an Emperor?

That depends on the situation. We have seen Luffy losing at first and winning right after due to certain circumstances, either by power ups or by pure luck and experience.

How many devil fruits are there in One Piece so far?

Devil fruits are one of the biggest mysteries in One Piece And it’s source is still unknown.

One Piece Philippines: Will Usopp get a devil fruit?

It’s very likely that Usopp will never get a Devil Fruit.

One Piece Philippines – When does Luffy master his devil fruit power?

You can never master a devil fruit till you die, those who say so are probably

  1. Arrogant and most likely to lose like Crocodile
  2. Referring to awakening
  3. Trained extremely hard to the point where they feel like they mastered their fruit

Why are most of the “strong” people in ‘One Piece’ so large?

For the real reason: You see many strong people being giants because One Piece is drawn in unique comic style, and giant size gives off the intimidation feeling.

One Piece Philippines – What is the true power of Gol D. Roger in One Piece?

Some obvious things must be said along the lines about this so: