One Piece: Who’s the most badass character in One Piece?

Maybe you already guess it. That is right, and it is this guy.

You may be thinking “Are you serious, he looks stupid

For you who don’t watch one piece, I will explain it to you who is he and why he is so badass.

He just an ordinary pirate in east blue, where he wrecks havoc here and there without any obstruction, but that what he wants people to think. When I say people I mean The Marine and World Government, why? Because he is one of Gol D. Roger crew, the king of pirates and every Roger crew is on the top priority of marine extermination.

It’s possible that he wants to hide forever but one day, one fateful day, he meets with someone who has a straw hat same as his captain and his close friends, Shanks.

That made his fighting instinct kicking again. When he saw Luffy, he knows that his time of hiding come to an end. He misses his old adventure and ready set sail to Grandline, once again.

However, before that. Our clown needs to make sure Luffy, someone whom Shanks believe, to know that Grandline isn’t a playground, death is imminent. So he pretends to want to kill Luffy. If he is afraid of just this, Then Grandline isn’t for him, but Luffy reaction is satisfactory for him, so he let Luffy go with bright lightning.

Then he is continuing his happy adventure to Grandline, without The Marine noticing that one of the most dangerous criminal back to their territory, but one day he got shocking news that son of his previous captain, Portgas D. Ace got captured. So what he is going to do? Of course, what is every badass going to do, which is infiltrate Impel Down, the most guarded prison in the world, Alone.

There is just one person in history who can break this prison in the past, and that is a rival of his previous captain. However, that not make him back down, he still goes inside the jail with freeing Ace in mind, but there is a pleasant surprise he got there, Luffy has sworn brother oath with Ace, so he changes his plan and clearing the way for Luffy on multiple floors so Luffy can bring Ace out easily.

He is freeing prisoner in his way out with Mr.3, his new underling. However, even with wit and bravery, everything can’t go into his control, Luffy is late to save Ace, and Ace already sent to Marineford to his execution.

What he does next? If that’s me, I’m probably giving up, betting that Whitebeard rescue will be successful. However, he doesn’t, he goes to the eyes of the storm and planning next move to saving Ace, he leads the prison break with two ex-Shichibukai and commander of revolutions army as his underling.

When he arrived at Marineford, he challenging his old nemesis Shirohige, the strongest person in the world, and you know what? Is Shirohige angry? No, he bends and asking help from our badass Buggy the Clown to save Ace together.

You know whose underling comes in the execution place first? If you answer Shirohige, you got the wrong answer. It is one of Buggy underling who got here first, and that is this guy.

According to Buggy plan, Mr.3 will disguise himself as one of executioner to freeing Ace from sea-stone handcuff with the Mr.3 power which is making a key with paraffin, after that Ace can save himself and Mr.3. However, that failed because Luffy is awakening his Conqueror Haki and make Mr.3 fainted. If Luffy doesn’t do awakening his conqueror Haki and let our badass do his thing, maybe Ace would be still alive.

However, the first one who got there isn’t a Marco the Phoenix, Diamond Jouzu or any Shirohige underling, but our badass underling Mr.3. It’s not because they are weak, but the enemy is too strong. The marine let out most of their trump cards, admiral, sea warlord, defense system, a hero from the previous generation, even a f*cking buddha.

Anyway, the plan failed and Ace dead and Shirohige rampage to the death. Even he got many fights with Shirohige in the past; he still cries, a heartfelt cry.

He is a badass man, but when someone he respects even it is his enemy, he not afraid to let out that man tear.

Long story short, his friend the red hair Shanks come to the battlefield and stopping the war, everyone afraid of him, people saying this person is so badass and so strong he can end war “singlehandedly”, but when our lovely clown buggy angry in his face he just laugh and instead he asked for help.

After the war, World Government who know how much threat this guy, they want to make this guy as close as possible, they actually want to make this guy as one of New Sea Warlord, that means he would become the dog of marine, with his power he can travel freely, but what about his subordinate and his crew. They are weak; they need his protection, even it is just a little, they already help him get out from Impel Down.

He isn’t some ungrateful bastard, at last, he chooses to protect them, and he bows his head to World Government becoming their dogs, waiting for right time to bring them down from the inside, people who kill Roger son.

So for summary, he is actually pirate king crew, close friends with one of four emperor, lead legendary prison break in most guarded prison in the world and made two ex-sea warlords follow him to steal navy warship, go to war with marine because they want to execute his son captain, challenging the strongest person in the world, shouting in the face of a person who single-handedly ended war. UNSCATHED. Not just that, even World Government know that he is dangerous, they still don’t want to make him an enemy, they make him a Shichibukai to show their goodwill.

I am sure a man that challenging strongest person in the world is called brave, but when that strongest person is asking for help instead, that where his worth is showed.

I am sure a man who is always helping his captain is called good crew, but when that person tried wholeheartedly to saving his deceased captain without reward that where his loyalty showed.

A badass never cry, but when he cries, it’s not because misfortune that befalls to himself.

A badass never bow to anyone, but when he bow that because he wants to protect something.

A badass is always going into the eye of the storm and tell “F**K YOU, I will save whom I want”, even if that means to offend the whole world.