One Piece : Who among the straw hat pirates is the smartest?

This is a bit of a difficult one as it’s never really stated who is the smartest and it’s more a case of there being smart crew members and…not smart crew members…and it’s easily on more a spectrum.

First off let’s list the Strawhats that definitely DO NOT fall in this category:

– Luffy – Tactical genius? Yes. Smart? Oh dear god no.

– Zoro – if the guy can’t run in a straight line I don’t think he’s up for any Nobel Prizes.

– Brook – has a craptonne of knowledge at his disposal and has that natural musical talent, but the sum of these things makes a smart man, not.

So we can rule these three out indefinitely. The problem is with the remaining six members is that they all display bouts of intelligence in their respective areas of expertise. For example:

– Usopp, while not technically a craftsman, had to use his wits just to keep the Going Merry from falling apart. He’s also a crack-shot at inventing (pun intended) and has drummed up more than one nifty trick to help the crew, the most prominent being Nami’s Clima-Tact and subsequent versions.

– Chopper is inherently smart from eating his particular Devil Fruit and we can only assume he has the necessary intelligence to become a fully-fledged doctor. Unfortunately his innocence and naivety block some of his more rational actions.

– Franky is also a brilliant inventor and shipwright. His building skills are legendary and that does require some smarts.

– Sanji doesn’t really display any extreme intelligence, though his rationale is easily the best of any Strawhat (except when it comes to women).

That leaves us with two crew members left – the only two female members of the crew. Nami and Robin easily stand out as the most intelligent members of the Strawhats, though it’s tough to definitively say who is smarter than whom.

Nami is an expert navigator and meteorologist.

Oda stated that she is the third most intelligent person to hail from the East Blue following Captain Kuro at number two and Ben Beckman at number one. That says a lot about how smart she really is. It is often Nami that has to sweet talk her way of the trouble that Luffy gets them into – she has a natural ability to negotiate, and she knows what people want. This makes her manipulative and allows her to get whatever she wants in return. You do not want to owe her money.

Robin passed her archaeological exams at the age of eight.

That is an incredible feat and is a testament to her high intellect. She’s also the only person in the world who can translate the Poneglyphs due to her illegal study of them. Robin is also trained in deception and infiltration – things that she had to teach herself in order to survive her childhood. She is an expert liar (honestly puts Usopp to shame), thief and assassin. Contrary to her current nature she also trained herself to be devoid of emotion as it was the only way to protect herself from harm. Her intelligence is only matched by her vast knowledge of the world. Robin has read thousands upon thousands of books, text and scripture, and this puts her in a position to hold all of the proverbial cards. Let’s just put it this way: she’s really, really smart.

It’s a hard pass between Robin and Nami, but personally I’ll always say Robin just because she does have that age advantage (Nami is 20 while Robin is 30) and she has had a lot more background on which we can reflect. Robin truly is incredibly intelligent and not just relative to the Strawhat pirates. After all, there’s a reason she was hunted for 20 years and was never caught.