One Piece that deserves the time you waited for?

It starts with good and it get better over the years.

The longer the story goes, the more we realized that everything turn out to be related

Remember laboon? we thought the pirates he’s waiting for already dead or forget about him, especially considering how scary Grand Line’s depiction during early season.

400 chapters later it was revealed that those people are dead except the one who became Luffy’s crew and he keeps his promise. Even during their last breath, they manage to record their last performance for Laboon.

Remember Oimo Kashi? 2 giant who protect Enies Lobby gate because marine forced them to obey in exchange of their leader’s freedom. They caught by marines during their trip to pick up their leader after leave them for 50 years. How Soge King can persuade them to turn against marine?

Yes, the leader they mention was none other than Dorry and Broggy whom SH crew met 250 chapters prior. Usopp manages to convince that their leader weren’t captured just like marine claim.

In chapter 866 Oimo and Kashi and entire Elbaf appeared again during BigMom’s flashback. They discussed about their leader’s duel whom already last for 40 years and their plan to pick them up if they haven’t return in 10 years (40 + 10 = 50 years).

And our beloved Marineford arc starts long before Ace captured.

He already mention about Teach during Alabasta arc.

And Luffy meet him at Jaya Island.

He even muttered this sentence which make us see him as inspiring character and possible future ally. The truth is we no idea how about him and much threat he poses. It took at least 300 chapters to see the true power of our current main antagonist.

And there are much more evidence that show how amazing Oda is. It feels like he planned out 880++ chapter from the beginning. Old character doesn’t make their appearance just to entertain their fans, they have role in newer plot and able to do something with their ability. We even get to know their life through every chapter cover.


Ability to connect character’s story and mix it with recent chapter is what make One Piece got better