One Piece Philippines : Who is stronger, Marco or Sabo?

I guess to compare them accurately, we need to see the full extent of Marco’s power

  • What kind of haki he uses and how much grip he has on that haki.
  • The limit to which he can regenerate himself.
  • His fighting style

All we have now is information about Sabo.

  • Sabo has shown a powerful grip on both observational and armament haki.
  • He got a kick of mero mera no mi soon too. I would say he is a natural in this case.
  • Besides Sabo attack of finding core of things is also a formidable trait. He can use landscapes to his advantage with this one.

Because there isn’t much known about Marco. Sabo seems more powerful. Still it’s too soon to be underestimating Marco. He was so much of a threat that they had to handcuff him during the war and he faced all the three admirals head on.


Marco’s DF is mythical zoan and not much is known about his Mythical zoan DF but Zoan are known to gives inhumane strength and stamina to the user. That’s why Marco kick was able to send Aokiji flying.

Kizaru said during the war, “No attack works on him because Marco the phoenix can regenerate himself.” If Marco keeps on regenerating himself, his opponents will eventually run out of energy. However since Sabo is a logia user, attack don’t work on him too.

Set back for Marco:

The fighting style of Marco that I have seen until now seems to be defensive. While logia type: mera mera no mi powers are destructive.

Marco should have some kind of attack that causes damage other than his raw physical strength because he can be hit after all. Garp was able to hit him and he could see it coming from miles literally. I am not so sure of his Observational haki.

He did well in defending against Akainu’s attacks.

Unless Marco have variety of attacks up his sleeves, using his Devil Fruit abilities to counter Sabo’s power. Sabo has the upper hand if only by a small margin.

Set back for Sabo:

Marco had shown exceptional grip on his Devil Fruit powers, turning any part of his body into phoenix at will. Marco had have DF powers longer than Sabo too. And if he can by any chance ‘Awaken his DF powers’ than it be inconvenient for Sabo.

In reality Marco and Sabo are both essentially equal.

No matter how you see it, their powers are equal

  • Both have the highest position in their respective organizations, next to the boss.
  • They can both stand up to a Navy Admiral without any difficulty. It’s no small feat in One piece world.
  • Both Sabo and Marco are at positions where it is required to be a good strategist.
  • Marco’s regeneration power vs Sabo’s logia power.
  • In terms of devil fruits both have rare fruits with great powers- mera mera no mi and mythical zoan.
  • Sabo’s prized dragon claw vs Marco’s Phoenix claws.

Then there is Haki and that’s where Sabo has the upper hand.

Sabo has to fight constantly since Revolutionary army are actively working against the World Government. I think Marco and rest of the WB pirates didn’t have to fight much when WB was alive. There was no one strong enough to challenge them and they were peaceful pirates.

But now the things have changed. The remaining WB pirates are being hunted down. The point is Marco would be a lot stronger now than he was during the war.

Marco was a Yonko Commander and a commander of first division at that. The WB pirates were so much reliant on him during the war I believe he would definitely show something that will give him extra edge. Marco is going to be one of the main characters of Wano Arc after all.

It is safe to assume Marco will be a bit stronger the next time he makes an appearance.

However it will be short lived since Sabo is also training continuously.

Disregarding who is stronger, if Marco and Sabo ever fought, I think Sabo would be the last one standing although barely, because the fight isn’t all about strength. Sabo may win solely on the basis on persistence and impulsiveness and craziness and I believe his grip on Haki is more powerful than Marco.