One Piece Philippines – What is the weirdest devil fruit in One Piece ?

Off the top of my head, the strangest Devil Fruit power I’ve ever seen is probably Baron Tamago’s Egg Egg Fruit.

Upon eating the Egg Egg Fruit, Baron Tamago’s body took on the qualities of an egg (tamago is Japanese for egg)

And if Tamago is hit hard enough, his body will crack like an egg, yolk and everything.

Tamago then regenerates from the yolk into a new, far more powerful form called, Viscount Hiyoko (hiyoko is Japanese for chick).

And if Viscount Hiyoko is hit hard enough, it’ll crack like an egg just like the first. And just like the first, the yolk that’s released will regenerate into another, even more powerful form, called Count Niwatori (niwatori is Japanese for chicken).

If Count Niwatori is injured to the point of cracking, he’ll return to his base “Baron Tamago” form, and the cycle will restart.

Only in One Piece will you find a superpower based on the age old question, “which came first: the chicken or the egg?”