One Piece Philippines: What is the strongest devil fruit in One Piece?

We’ve listed out 5 results: The most powerful Devil Fruits in the bottom.

  1. White Beard that was labeled to be the strongest man on earth just because he could quake his way through anything and anywhere, the guy could literally shake up the whole world and bring it down if wished, his way of avoid be frozen due to being constantly vibrating is more of a unique usage than something innate to the Fruit itself just like his way of fighting with a halberd endowed with his DF’s powers that with each swing some random city gets wiped out entirely.
  2. Luffy that from a simple power such as being able to stretch can pull out almost a limitless arsenal of attacks given his genius intellect when it comes to combat adaptation, allowing him to fight while restrained, with one arm, or with just his head, even his internal organs can be boosted to the extent to work better and faster than anyone else, he’s clearly the portrayal of some weak-ass Devil Fruit taken to the utmost level of power
  3. Caesar that could chemically improve his Devil Fruit to the point of actually use it for offense and it was a hell of a Devil Fruit just because it could steal anyone from its oxygen supply which means instant death or even to make your surroundings to explode out of the blue because of the hydrogen in it that is highly inflamable
  4. The Suna Suna no Mi with its aridity being the most fearsome power ever shown, yeah the user got unlucky enough to face the protagonist in its early moments but let’s take a closer look to this particular set of powers :

– Can suck dry anything in the user’s hand range and once done it extents for as much as the user wants, turning any landscape into an endless desert and this extends to its sand attacks be either from long-range to mid-range or even close-range, its lion-pits, sandstorms, sand-blades are all having this same particular capability of dry out any amount of moisture from the target once hit by

– Can generate sandstorms that send at the right direction can make use of the air currents to grow larger and stronger to the point of escape the user’s capability to stop/control it, so far it’s been the only Devil Fruit that shows the capability to do so

5. The Ope Ope no Mi, it’s the one of the most fearsome Devil Fruits or more correctly fearsome only to those considered to be enemies, this Devil Fruit in particular is one of the few if not the only one that holds the greatest set of powers

– Obviously its first power is to provide the user a control room where anything and anyone inside of its range is there for him to take, control, slice and dice, rearrange, disarrange or just dismember

– Another power is to allow the user to switch places with two intended targets either him and another thing/person or two persons/things even souls are at its mercy

– Can generate electric shocks like a defibrillator(Medical care and such, makes sense) yet not only can it generate minor electrical shocks but it can also generate some sort of electric/energy-based shock that breaks down anything hit like all of your internal organs for instance

– And its ultimate and most wanted power, it can provide the patient with the eternal life in a surgery named Perenial Youth Operation at the minor cost of the user’s life in exchange