One Piece Philippines: Villain Donquixote Doflamingo !

Despite this,I only felt sympathy and general understanding for one of their villains,not because others were badly presented or not memorable enough ,but because they didn’t have any backstory or deeper motivation that – “I want to rule the world because…reasons.”

But,there was one villain that had it all-memorable look,cool powers,amazing laugh,great speeches…and most important(for me,at least),a relatable and tragic background that was the source of his twisted views on the world.

The villain is:

Donquixote Doflamingo

This picture perfectly represents him-flashy,yet dark,elegant,yet bloody,smiling,yet furious,proude,yet broken,in control,yet in chaos.

But nonetheless,I still feel the cried(ok,not really cried,I don’t really cry at all,but tier up every time) on his flashbacks more than any other.

The reason for this is:whenever we are introduced to a character that is kinda villainous,like Robin,Franky,Law…we see that they are generally good guys with some bad qualities that were the result of their tragic past.He see their flashback,we sympathies with them,we understand their motivations and what made them what they are,and they change themselves thanks to influence of good people in their past(Saul,Tom,Rosinante…) and Luffy and the company.Simple,yet effective.Case closed.

Oda takes this concept,and completly reverses it with Doflamingo.

He had it all-power,respect,money,god-like status in the world.Than,it was all taken away from him in one day by a whim of his father,then he was thrown in a world that despized him for something he couldn’t control or chose.

At the age of 10,he has seen bothe heaven and hell,and was outcasted in both of them,leaving him no other choice but to become a deamon to both worlds-heavenly yaksha.

I agree,not the most messed up backstory in One piece,but it is the most unique on so far in one aspect-the was no salvation for him in any way.His mother died quickly after they moved to the human world,his father couldn’t do anything,his brother was younger and weaker than him…

There was no Doflamingo’s Shanks,Zeff,Tom,Saul,Corazon…all he had was Trebol,who is worst person he could have come across at that point in his life.

He took this broken ans trumatized young boy and twisted him into becoming a moster he became known in the story.

There is no going back for Doflamingo.He has done unforgivable things and you cannot get over them,but that is what made him such a tragic character for me.

While others have more tragic backstories,in Doflamingo’s case-the “evil” fate of of his life…had won.It actually won.Case closed.

The only good thing about him is that he genuinely cares for members of his family-tries to protect them,forgives the failure,even if it is something really important,and is sad if they die,which is a great way from Oda to show that,even if someone is so hateful and cruel as Doflamingo,there is still some room for some good in him.

I’m glad Oda decided to start doing this more with villains-like recently with Big mom,and with Arlong at Fishman island,although Doflamingo one was his best.