One Piece Philippines: “Phoenix” Marco will be back with Luffy!

Arc Wano is happening very interesting. The next two weeks is the fight with Kaido. However, Luffy’s forces have enough strength to fight a Yonko? The details of the One Piece Chapter 921 as if to say: ” Phoenix ” Marco will reappear!

In the Japanese side there is a fairy tale: “peach boy”. The story tells the adventure of a little sentence that wants to defeat a demon ” bring peace to the People “. Along the way, he encounters “dogs, birds, monkeys.”.. And Oda has skillfully integrated the story into “One Piece.”. So, Mink represent species “Dog”.” Luffy represents the species of “monkey “. And Marco represents the species of “birds.”

Perhaps the upcoming Marco will appear. Marco owns power can fight Kizaru. The addition of this force will increase the strength of the group Luffy.

Hope the battle with Yonko Kaido will take place really “awe.” To do not subside the Reader’s desire “One Piece ”

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