One Piece Philippines – Luffy can wake the Devil Fruits?

I actually have my own theory . If we look at it luffy is one of the paramecia who has their body chemistry changed due to their DF.Luffy is rubber but cant create rubber ,while Doflamingo can create and manipulate strings but isn’t made of strings (although we have never seen Luffy trying to manipulate rubber) .

one possibility is that Luffy’s DF awakening will be the exact opposite of Doflamingo’s DF awakening.that is turning his immediate environment to rubber and manipulating them(maybe causing the birth of some sorta gumo-gumo-no gatling from the ground itself ).

Another possibility is that ,since Luffy’s body is made of rubber his DF awakening will allow him to manipulate the properties of his own body.for example,he could make himself vulcanised rubber,meaning he no longer requires tremendous haki in gear 4th or he could increase his elasticity.

My favourite theory (and so far none have thought of anything close to it)is that his DF awakening allow him to absorb energy(probably kinetic energy) or momentum or at least convert the damage into power of his own sorta like urouge DF except his will probably be like a one shot deal (like Meliodas’s revenge counter from seven deadly sins)this would make it an even fight as kaido has a lot of durability and while he attacks luffy will just be storing it all for just one final finisher.(this also suits luffy’s style of getting too injured after fight and cutting it extremely close)

My fourth theory is that Luffy df will allow him to either increase his size tremendously (so it can be a even fight with kaido ) or make hime increase his size a lot and then suddenly compress it all to exponentially increase the sheer pressure from his attacks(since all that power will be focused on like 5 sq inch). it will probably be the exact opposite of third gear Now Oda is known to have increase the twist with the suspense so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.