One Piece Philippines – Information about Franky

There are many interesting facts about Franky.

Name: Franky.

Real name: Cutty Flam.

Occupation: Pirates.

Organization: Straw Hat Pirates

Birthplace: South Blue.

Second home: Water 7

Birthday: March 9th.

Age: 36

Height: 2m40


– Straw Hat Pirates.

– Tom’s Wokers:

+) Teacher: Tom, the legendary shipwright.

+) Brothers : Iceburg.

– Mrs. Kokoro, Yokozuna.

– Chimey and Gonbe.

– Franky Family.

Indirect pupil of scientists Vegapunk.

Appear: Chapter 329 / Episode 233.

Voice actors: Kazuki Yao

Bounties: 94 million Belli.

Blood Type: XF

Favorite food: Hamburger, fries, dishes suitable for cola.

Food dislikes: Candy.

Franky is the 8th member of the Straw Hat Pirates

Franky bath three days.

Franky to bed at 1 am and wake up at 9am.

Franky will be American if you live in the real world.

Franky will be American if live in the real world.

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