One Piece Philippines – Hypothesis Marshall D. Teach and 3 Devil Fruits

Teach can use two Devil Fruits. But what if Teach could take 3 Devil Fruits?

1. Explanation of Devil Fruits

– This type of fruit is only a shell. Mystery inside a demon. Each demon carries a special ability. And when the owner dies. The demon will escape the body, find the nearest fruit.

2. So why Teach can use the possibility of 2 Devil Fruits?
– About That. We need to list those who have been exposed to Teach. Make sure you remember the scar of shanks. When creating this scar, Teach does not have the Devil’s Fruits yami Yami No Mi. We also know, the body of Teach is very fat “sluggish”. So why, Teach can create wounds for a yonko?

– Sure Teach owns a mysterious power. Make Shank surprise.

Scars of Shanks’ three lines long “. Teach flag “3 skull”. That makes us imagine to “Cerberus”, “three-headed dog of hell”. Can Teach is representative of the this monster?

According to the initial hypothesis, When Teach took two Devil Fruits. Immediately 2 the demon fight for control of the body Teach “This led to the death of many others.”

If Teach embodiment of Cerberus. Can Teach will have More 1 Devil Fruits.

3. The will of D.

One Piece full story. Always mention the will of D. Luffy, Ace and a few others have, which has Teach. Full name: Marshall D. Teach. According to Oda revealed ” D represents the ancient kingdom.” Teachh represent clans Marshall D. Maybe inside Teach possesses a certain strength. Make the demons do not kill each other to gain control. That the demon surrender that power of Teach.

We would like to end the hypothesis here. If you have any questions? Please comment below.