One Piece Philippines – Did Monkey D. Luffy deserve to be called an emperor?

It’s too soon for him.

It’s not about territories and Grand pirate fleet.

It’s about Luffy as an individual. He is not near an emperor level.

We all know clearly Luffy is no where near the Level of Blackbeard, Big Mom, Kaido and of course Shanks.

And let’s just not talk about Whitebeard.

He is at the yonko commander level at best.

Luffy is not even at an Admiral level yet. Luffy and his crew had to flee from Big mom’s terroity practically that’s not how an emperor act around another emperor. They face each other head on. Remember when Shanks arrived at Marineford unscathed after a skirmish with Kaido a days ago.

Luffy crew is also not near anything like an emperor’s crew. Just take Big mom’s crew for an example. Most of them had very high bounties. Yonko’s commamders have bounties as high as 1 billion. Most prominent members of an emperor’s group have bounties no less than 500 million. Ace- the second division commander of Wb pirates had bounty of 550 million. No doubt that Vista, Jozu, Marco and others had bounties greater than 500 million too. The point is an emperor’s crew is also top notch and at least Zoro and Sanji should have bounties of 500 million if they are going to be called an Emperor’s crewmates. It’s true that they all have guts but a Real Emperor’s crew is something like that.

All the Emperor’s are like real life monstors. Whether it is Big Mom or Kaido or Whitebeard. It’s so easy to relate them to one. Luffy still have a little time to reach that level.

An emperor is someone who can protect everyone who under his wing and is able to stand before them. In Luffy’s case, he get through with the help of others most of the time. Maybe it will stay like this. He is not aiming to become an emperor after all. Luffy will truly deserve to be called an emperor the day he would stand before all the people and grand pirate fleet no matter who his enemy is.

I think he would be Pirate king that day.

Luffy has potential to be an emperor. It’s just too soon now but I think by the end of Wano arc, Luffy and his crew would have made alot of progress and it would be appropriate to call him an emperor after he had defeated one Yonko.