One Piece – Information about Sanji

There are many interesting facts about Sanji.

Basic personal information:

Name: Sanji

Occupation: Chef / Pirate

Organization: Straw Hat Pirates

Nickname: Sanji “Black Foot”

Place of birth: North Blue.

Born: March 2nd, 1503.

Age: 21 (was 19 before timeskip).

Height: 180cm (before timeskip is 177cm).


– Straw Hats Pirates.

– Teacher: Zeff “Red Legs”.

– Restaurants on Baratie sea.

Appear: Chapter 43 / Volume 20.

Voice actors: Hiroaki Hirata, Ikue Otani (childhood)

Bounties: 177 million Belli.

Blood Type: S RH-

The figure represents: 5.

Favorite dishes: Dishes with tea.

Sanji is the 5th member of the Straw Hat Pirates

Sanji bath once a day.

Sanji Sleep at 12 pm and wake up at 5 am.

Sanji will be the French if live in the real world.