One Piece – Information about Nami

There are many interesting facts about Nami.

Basic personal information:

Name: Nami

Occupation: Pirates

Organization: Straw Hat Pirates

Nickname: Cats steal

Hometown: (Cocoyashi), Conomi Island, East Blue

Date of Birth: July 3, 1504

Relatives, family:

– Straw Hat Pirates

– Mother feeding: Bell-mère (deceased)

– Ms. raising: Nojiko

– Dad feeding: Genzo

– Teacher: Haredas.

Age: 20 (current) (18 before timeskip)

Height: 1m70 (1m69 before timeskip)

Appear: Chapter 8 / Volume 1

Voice actors: Akemi Okamura (Episode 1-69, 79+), Wakana Yamazaki (Episode 70-78), Megumi Toyoguchi (in OVA)

Bounties: 66 million Beli

Digit symbol: Number 3

Symbolic color: Orange

Blood: X

Measure three rounds:

– Before timeskip: B95-W55-H85

– Now, after timeskip: B98-W58-H88

Favorite foods: All fruits

Food dislikes: Candy, chocolate

Nami is Monday crewmen joined the Straw Hats and the third member.

Nami daily bath.

Nami sleep from 11 pm to 7 am.

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