One Piece : How will Zoro react when he finds out Luffy can see seconds into the future?

If there is anyone who is more concerned about crew’s safety then it’s Zoro.

Zoro adds the maturity to the young crew and care for their well being.

I will recall two incidents and let you to decide.

Fishman island : When Luffy subdued 50,000 fishman with his conqueror’s haki everyone got astonished except Zoro. He smiled and said, “I didn’t expect anything less from my captain. If he couldn’t even manage this then he should step down from the position”

Punk hazard : Luffy and the crew carelessly caught off-guard. Zoro got pissed and warns luffy, “Two years of training for what? Being careless will cost our life. This is just the beginning of new world. Get a grip.”

Judging from two among many incidents, I can confidently claim, Zoro will be elated witnessing Luffy’s improvement.