One Piece – Devil Fruits Zoan Mythical Hito Hito no Mi

Sengoku had eaten the devil fruits of Hito no Mi. This is devil fruits in Zoan Mythical. Allows the user to convert into Daibutsu form. Let’s learn more carefully about the Devil’s Fruits of the SENGOKU.

The power of the Devil Fruits Hito Hito no Mi allows users to transform into shape Daibutsu.

When in shape, the body of Sengoku was “unbalanced”. Big hands and small legs. The entire body of Sengoku is covered with a yellow layer.

As a Devil Fruits belonging to Zoan. The Sengoku also has a complete conversion form and a hybrid shape.

Sengoku can also use the shock wave. Can shoot out from the palms and with terrible destructive power. Sengoku’s shock wave has the ability to attack a wide area

The power of Sengoku grows exponentially with the size of the body.

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