Is Sanji stronger than all his brothers now?

You cant say for certain if sanji is stronger than all his brothers or not.

Sanji’s brothers (ichiji, Niji and Yonji) all are genetically modified superhumans created by his father vinsmoke judge.

It was also stated that they dont feel any emotions whatsoever and their bodies are made up of metal with immense recovery rate.

They were stated to possess tremendous strength and at one instance both ichiji and niji along with few Germa soilders ended a two year long blood war.

Also ichiji fought and sustained injuries from Charlotte katakuri but was still able to defeat Charlotte Nusstorte, Baskartte and Dosmarche pretty easily.


Even though sanji is the second in command and one of the strongest of crewmates of the strawhat pirates, still it is not to be forgotten that he still is a human being.

Though sanji possess strong haki’s like

  • Armament Haki ( with which he was able to fight on par with the haki of VICE ADMIRAL VERGO, DOFLAMINGO, VINSMOKE JUDGE)
  • Observation Haki ( which is supposedly the best in the entire crew after luffy’s)

Yet even after all this strong haki’s and physical capabilities of sanji as a whole, it all boils down to the fact that sanji is still human and can feel pain and gets hurt.

Whereas his brothers are basically nonhuman afterll they dont possess any sense of pain or feeling.

So YES, you can ofcourse say that sanji far better than them in terms of raw dedication and capabilities but still his brothers might have an upper hand on him because of their non humane qualities which greatly affect the battle conditions.