If Newgate was young (the one who fought with Roger) at MF, what would have happened?

Pretty much the same that had happened with roughly three difference particular happenings..

  1. White Beard wouldn’t have been stabed by Squalo
  2. Secondly to the first prevention White Beard wouldn’t have had that heart attack and so wouldn’t had been hollowed by Akainu’s Scorching Fist
  3. After all of this, i’m still believing that the Navy would still be able to stall him for long enough to kill Ace the difference would be that instead of just having been knocked out for a couple of minutes after that back-hand blow, Akainu would quickly and surely find his way to Skypea and White Beard wouldn’t have had half of his head melted..


  1. Aokiji would be promoted as new Fleet Admiral since his rival wouldn’t be on this world anymore
  2. Black Beard wouldn’t become an Yonkou because he would be promptly killed by White Beard that hadn’t sustained any deadly injury
  3. Shanks would find only the ruins of the Marineford island being flooded while White Beard’s fleet paid the last honors to Ace
  4. Garp and Sengoku would be brought back to activity given the menace of an enraged and full pissed-off White Beard
  5. One Piece’s last War would happen ahead of its schedule like a 200~300 chapters prior to its former deadline..