Devil Fruits Paramecia in One Piece

Paramecia (it being understood literally supernatural system) is one of three types of Devil Fruits. It brings the power “supernatural” and the impact on the human body using. Helps users control nature and matter. This is the most popular fruit in the 3 types of Devil Fruits.


The biggest advantage of Devil Fruits Paramecia is not dependent on the strength of the user. As Robin and Mr 3. Which focuses on combat skills and creativity in attack.

Devil Fruits Paramecia can increase the power to the user.

Allow users to activate quick and easy combat capability

Although capacity can be exploited and used in many different ways. But the level of offensive and defensive efficiency also depends on the user. Some people may develop new attacks. In many years of use, while others can not fully exploit the skills.


This is the only group of Devil Fruits bring strength and special properties. But that most people eat are trained to control their strength.

Example Luffy use Devil Fruits Gomu Gomu. Rubber capacity almost undeveloped as he in childhood.

Now after the strenuous workout. Luffy invented Gear 2 3 4.

There are many people who eat Devil Fruits Paramecia. Let’s discuss in comments.