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Is Sanji stronger than all his brothers now?

You cant say for certain if sanji is stronger than all his brothers or not.

Sanji’s brothers (ichiji, Niji and Yonji) all are genetically modified superhumans created by his father vinsmoke judge.

What if Luffy ate the Magu Magu fruit instead of the Gomu Gomu?

Luffy would have gotten attention from Garp far sooner and he’d employ means to keep him in the Marines as a very powerful and dangerous asset. Not only would luffy leave his homeland sooner, but he would steamroll every early enemy in an instant.

What is the power level of Sanji in his raid suit?

Sanji’s Raid suit: Stealth black

Sanji has finally used his suit and turned into an unexpected and stunning thing.

What power will Zoro increase in the Wano ARC?

1 . A new sword:

Basically, the one Zoro already has his eye on.

It’s a 21 great grade cursed sword- Nidai kitestsu.

It is going to be a disaster for everyone when Zoro gets his hands on it as he is not getting it easily.

If Newgate was young (the one who fought with Roger) at MF, what would have happened?

Pretty much the same that had happened with roughly three difference particular happenings..

Which character from One Piece do you think has the saddest backstory?

I think the saddest backstory is of Chopper. He ate the Hito Hito no Mi which is a zoan type devil fruit which gives him the traits of human. He accidentally ate the Devil fruit. Chopper originally had a blue nose, which caused all the other reindeers to treat him as an outcast.

One Piece: Who’s the most badass character in One Piece?

Maybe you already guess it. That is right, and it is this guy.

One Piece: Is Luffy strong enough to beat an Emperor?

That depends on the situation. We have seen Luffy losing at first and winning right after due to certain circumstances, either by power ups or by pure luck and experience.

One Piece Philippines: Will Usopp get a devil fruit?

It’s very likely that Usopp will never get a Devil Fruit.

One Piece Philippines – When does Luffy master his devil fruit power?

You can never master a devil fruit till you die, those who say so are probably

  1. Arrogant and most likely to lose like Crocodile
  2. Referring to awakening
  3. Trained extremely hard to the point where they feel like they mastered their fruit