One Piece Philippines: “Phoenix” Marco will be back with Luffy!

One Piece Philippines: “Phoenix” Marco will be back with Luffy!

Arc Wano is happening very interesting. The next two weeks is the fight with Kaido. However, Luffy’s forces have enough strength to fight a Yonko? The details of the One Piece Chapter 921 as if to say: ” Phoenix ” Marco will reappear! More »

One Piece Philippines – Hypothesis Marshall D. Teach and 3 Devil Fruits

One Piece Philippines – Hypothesis Marshall D. Teach and 3 Devil Fruits

Teach can use two Devil Fruits. But what if Teach could take 3 Devil Fruits? More »


What is the Hawkins ability (One Piece)?

It seemingly reffers to the scarecrow made out of straw to scare the annoying crows in corn farms, pretty much like some Devil Fruits reffers to others deities such as Enel’s Hinduh God form or the Horse that ate the Bird Type Devil Fruit turning it into the Pegasus for example..

One Piece that deserves the time you waited for?

It starts with good and it get better over the years.

The longer the story goes, the more we realized that everything turn out to be related

Remember laboon? we thought the pirates he’s waiting for already dead or forget about him, especially considering how scary Grand Line’s depiction during early season.

What’s the full potential of devil fruit awakenings in One Piece?

We know Zoan’s awakening gave them enhanced strength and durability, maybe increased in size too.

Is Sanji stronger than all his brothers now?

You cant say for certain if sanji is stronger than all his brothers or not.

Sanji’s brothers (ichiji, Niji and Yonji) all are genetically modified superhumans created by his father vinsmoke judge.

Strength statistics Straw Hat Pirates !

Its fair to say all of them have become tremendous fighters.. Even Zoro had said prior to timeskip that there is not any member who will be easily defeated. Not only that, they are the only crew to openly challenge the world government not to mention even attack a tenyrobito.. On basis of fighting strength, my list will be as follows.

5 reasons One Piece popular around the world !

There are so many reasons why One Piece has become as popular as it is and maintained that popularity for over 20 years.

What if Luffy ate the Magu Magu fruit instead of the Gomu Gomu?

Luffy would have gotten attention from Garp far sooner and he’d employ means to keep him in the Marines as a very powerful and dangerous asset. Not only would luffy leave his homeland sooner, but he would steamroll every early enemy in an instant.

What is the power level of Sanji in his raid suit?

Sanji’s Raid suit: Stealth black

Sanji has finally used his suit and turned into an unexpected and stunning thing.

What power will Zoro increase in the Wano ARC?

1 . A new sword:

Basically, the one Zoro already has his eye on.

It’s a 21 great grade cursed sword- Nidai kitestsu.

It is going to be a disaster for everyone when Zoro gets his hands on it as he is not getting it easily.

If Newgate was young (the one who fought with Roger) at MF, what would have happened?

Pretty much the same that had happened with roughly three difference particular happenings..